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Milk Analyzer
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Milk Analyzer


Prduct description: The Milk Analyzer “KSHEERA 270” measures a small sample of milk and displays the milk quality information within 27 seconds. Fat, SNF, Protein, Ash (Salt), Lactose, Added water.

Principle: Ultrasonic sound waves being non destructive.

Ultrasonic sound waves are being induced into the milk sample to measure milk quality. This method of measurement is absolutely harmless and non destructive measurement technique

Technical Data

Item Measuring Range Maximum permissible absolute Error
FAT 0.1% to 25% ± 0.10%
SNF 3% to 15% ± 0.15%
CLR 20 to 40 ± 1
Density 1015 to 1040 kg/m3  (Shown in abbreviated form) ± 0.3 kg/m3 
Temperature of Sample 1oC to 40oC ±1oC
Proteins  2% to 7% ± 0.15%
Lactose                    0.01 % to 6 % ± 0.2%
Water content 0 % to 99 % ± 3%
Solids  0.4 to 1.5% ± 0.05%
Freezing point  0.400 to – 0.700oC ± 0.001%


  • Milk Sample Quantity – 20ml
  • No.of Calibrations – 3

Ambient Conditions

  • Temperature : 10OC to 40OC
  • Relative Humidity : 30% to 80%

Product Features

Unique features of “KSHEERA 270” milk analyzer.

  • Fully indigenous technology helps to be self sufficient for after sale service, and availability of spares.
  • Cost effective, accurate and time saving technology.

Cost effective: Chemicals are not needed to make the measurement.

Accurate: Good measurement accuracy with high repeatability is achieved with this measurement technique.

Time saving technology: The measurement requires only 27 sec. which is estimated to be the fastest among all the available electronic analyzers in the market.

  • Measurement done within 27 Sec. (which is noted to be the fastest available in the market)
  • Special feature to monitor cleaning of the equipment which in turn ensures the reliability and measurement accuracy of the machine.
  • Splash proof design (Ideal for the prevailing humid and unsophisticated environment in an Asian village atmosphere.)
  • All the panel buttons are designed, such that water or moisture does not enter into the equipment.
  • Experts claim that “KSHEERA 270” is easier to use and the Menu and Software operations user friendly than other machines they have used.