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Instant Chilling Plant
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Instant Chilling Plant

A) Basis Of Design

  • No. of units - One
  • Ref. Capacity of Unit – 10 TR at 5 Deg C SST & 55 Deg C SDT
  • Fluid to be chilled - Water
  • Chilled water temp. at chiller inlet - 14 Deg.C
  • Chilled water at chiller outlet - 10 Deg.C
  • Refrigerant - R-22
  • Electric supply available - 415 V, 50 Hz 3PH
  • Fouling factor for chiller - 0.0001 sq. m. / hr. deg. C / L. Cal

B ) Scope Of Supply



  • Low cooling cost is most important benefit (about 20-25%).
  • By using ICP quality of milk is maintained against bacterial formation.
  • Quick cooling time is key advantage of Instant Chilling Plant.
  • It helps in improving milk quality, by preventing the initial increase of bacteria in the milk by quickly cooling the milk after milking or after collection.
  • We can get the milk having temperature of approximately 15°C immediately by instant chiller.
  • As mentioned above temperature is goes down from 34°C to 15°C immediately thereby quality of milk is maintained.
  • Less Power consumption cooling period is most important factor of ICP, which helps us to save chilling cost.
  • No chances of ice formation in bulk milk cooler during milk collection process, as we are not starting BMC at the time of collection.
  • After collection of the milk by instant chiller, we can start the BMCU for getting temperature from 15°C to 4°C, so ice formation in milk can be avoided.


1.1 Compressor

Two SLM-128 Danfoss scroll compressor using FREON-22 as refrigerant, giving a capacity of 17 TR consuming 40 Kw at shaft for 5 deg.C.SST (saturated suction temperature ) & 50 deg. C SDT ( saturated discharge temperature).

1.2 Refrigeration Accessories

Two sets of accessories for the above compressor each comprising of :

  • Suction and discharge stop valves.
  • HP, LP Digital switch of the make SaginoMiya Japan used in place of Gauges and cutouts.

1.3 Condenser

Twin circuit 17TR suitable air-cooled condenser manufactured from 3/8” OD 27Gauge grooved copper tubes, complete with purge valve, safety valve, drain plug & receiver etc.

1.4 DX - Chiller

Twin circuits 17 TR , Horizontal shell and tube DX - Chiller of suitable size manufactured from 1/2” OD plain copper tubes of 22 gauge complete with drain plugs, charging valve etc.

1.5 Controls & Instrumentation

2 sets refrigerant controls & instruments each comprising of :

  • 1 No Danfoss ( Denmark )/ALCO USA make Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • 1 No Liquid line direct acting Danfoss/ Alco make solenoid valve.
  • 1 No. Danfoss ( Denmark ) make liquid line sight glass
  • 1 Nos. Danfoss ( Denmark ) /ALCO USA make catchall drier
  • 1 No. Brassomatic make liquid line filter drier shell
  • 1 No. Henry (USA)/DANFOSS packless liquid line globe valve.
  • 3 Nos.Brassomatic make angle valves.

1.6 Refrigeration Pipelines

Refrigerant piping based on a compact layout. Pipes will be 16 gauge Seamless copper tubes for suction, discharge & liquid line, vibration isolators for discharge & suction line , also ¼ ”copper line for refrigerant controls with Brassomatic valves.

1.7 Ms Structure

1 lot MS Structural stand from MS Channels for the above equipment and internal gas piping. Also complete chilling plant will be enclosed in closed pre coated MS panels called as the package.

1.8 Refrigeration Oil & Gas R-22

First charge of R.22 gas and recommended lubricating oil.

1.9 Insulation

Chiller and suction line insulation of expanded polyethylene of required thickness covered with PVC wire netting.

1.10 Electric Power & Control Panel

  • 1 No. Indication control panel of ‘RITTAL’ make consisting of :
  • Schneider / L&T , incoming MCCBs for each primovers i.e compressor motor and pumps.
  • ‘ Minilac ‘Single phasing preventor with current sensing overload relay for each primovers.
  • Indication lamp with push buttons ,voltmeter, ammeter of Schneider/ L& T make.
  • Schneider france /L & T contactors , Kaycee make toggle switches.

1.11 Instrumentation With PLC

1 No PLC ( Programmable Logic Control with digital display ) for automatic operation of complete chilling. This includes auto control of the compressor, sequential on / off operation of the condenser pump, chiller pump, compressors, if faults occur or in the normal mode. Also one Digital temperature indicator cum controller ( PID ) to indicate / control chilled water outlet temperature.

1.12 Man-Machine Interface Unit (MMI)

One no MMI ( Man machine interface unit for communication to PLC ) with 4 line X 20 character graphical display & also with nine function key for data entry.

1.13 CH-Pump

One Kirloskar make monoblock pump of 2 HP for Chilled water circulation.

1.14 CN - Fans

Two nos ‘GEC’ make axial flow fans (360 Watts each) of suitable size for air cooled condenser air circulation.

1.15 Chilled Water Tank

One no 200 Ltrs Stainless Steel chilled water tank with required insulation.

1.16 Milk Storage Tank

One no 5000 ltr cap SS-304 tank with required insulation

1.17 Pipe Line

Nessesary pipe line of 38 mm ss 304 with required valves and unions

1.18 Balnce Tank

One balnce tank 200ltr cap of ss 304

1.19 Milk Pump

Centrifugal ss milk pump cap 1hp



Digital leval indicator for milk quantity

Instant Chilling Plant

  • Length - 2500mm
  • Width - 1500 mm
  • Height - 2000 mm for instant chilling plant

10 KL Storage Tank

  • Length - 4.3 meters
  • Width - 3.2 meters
  • Height - 3.5 meters

*Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.